Secure Communication Platform

for Whistleblowing and Sensitive Data Transmittal

We will NOT send any information, nor reveal your identity without your approval


Communicate with any private or public organisation on illegal acts, unethical behaviour or other serious concerns in a secure way

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Send sensitve health, KYC, R&D, attorney privileged and other confidential information in a secure way

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Our communication tools are trusted by many Organisations around the world. Our aim is to make sure anyone around the globe can have free access to send secure information.

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The problems we solve

Non or unsave compliance with the EU Whistleblowing regulations

Dataleaks as a result of insecure mailing of sensitive data

Impossibility to reveal concerns without revealing identities

Lack of Impartial back up support services

SpeakUPwise Plans & Packages

Reporters always have FREE access, recipient Organisations can select a variety of Plans below.

  • Secure reporting
  • Secure Data Transmittal
  • Secure Communication
  • Dashboard for Reporters

  • Notification Emails
  • Secure Downloading
  • Dashboard for Recipients
  • Access to Marketplace for Services

Data Upload Limit of 10MB per report

Communication Packs

  • Standard
  • Secure Communication with Reporters
  • Secure Downloading Sensitive Data
  • Increased Data Upload Capacity

  • Advanced
  • Secure Communication with Reporters
  • Secure Downloading Sensitive Data
  • Increased Data Upload Capacity
  • Dashboard for Organisations
  • Real-time API
  • Secure Group Discussions

Internal Reporting Pack

  • Customised UI for Internal Reporting
  • Advanced Internal Routing
  • Add Hotlines and other Reporting Channels
  • Advanced Case Management for Internal Reporting

Data Integration Pack

  • Internal Data Integration
  • External Data Enrichment
  • Network Analytics and Visual Querying
  • Holistic Risk Views for Case Managers
  • Data and Task Management for Investigators

Marketplace for Unique services

Get quotations from the most suitable service providers with the ability to instantly approve the go ahead to get your issues resolved in the quickest time possible.

  • Gap Analysis
  • Whistleblowing Management Process Design
  • Whistleblowing Management Training & Certifications
  • Impartial Case Managers
  • Investigators/Forensic Auditors
  • Urgent Loan Staff Support
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